Time for the next stage of growth?

To grow and evolve, many small and medium-sized business have a tough time finding the right competence. In a strategic and structured way, the Mind the Gap programme helps with skills management, so you can achieve conditions that are more favourable for your plans for growth. The programme is geared towards companies in Skåne with 20-30 employees.


To provide the right methods and tools for success when training current staff or recruiting new employees.


Two workshops of two hours each, structured to result in a concrete plan of action.

Since each company is different, the workshops are offered independently. If you’ve already formulated your business goals, it’s perfectly fine to only attend workshop 2 and get started on skills management. Best of luck!

Workshop 1

Define your business goals

It’s hard to stay steady when the future is unpredictable, especially if you’re not sure what you want out of your business or how you want it to evolve. The purpose of workshop 1 is to look towards the future and set concrete business goals.

Workshop 2

Identify skills needs

These days, it’s hard to find the right skills and even harder to predict the needs of tomorrow. The purpose of workshop 2 is to start this discussion and try to determine the necessary skills for your company’s future.